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The Water Works and Sewer Board of the City of Prichard established as an independent utility

The Water Works and Sewer Board of the City of Prichard has secured the funds and resources needed to establish themselves as a fully independent and self-sustaining utility. The transition process has already begun and changes will be evident immediately.
For the customers of The Water Works and Sewer Board of The City of Prichard this means upgrades to the quality of service and a more focused control of rates, delivery, and repair. The beginning of the positive impacts of this change will be seen as early as mid-year 2021 with the installation of new automatic and advanced water meters followed by a relocation of outfall pipelines, construction of new drinking water supply wells and upgrades to treatment facilities. There will be minimal disruption for the customer during this transition.  Currently, water is purchased from MAWSS (Mobile Area Water and Sewer System) and the Board and its staff feel that having a direct line to their customers will allow them to better serve those customers. 
Another exciting upgrade is the addition of generators at all 29 lift stations providing the ability for the customer to dispose of waste even in bad weather conditions, like hurricanes, that cause power outages. 
The Board engaged Raftelis, a nationally recognized leader in rate consulting to advise on rate structure and rate planning. The information provided went into the 2-year plan to revamp the water and sewer system. 
These changes will further strengthen Prichard, Chickasaw, and all the surrounding communities and open these areas for population growth and community upgrades.    
For questions about the upcoming changes, please contact us.  
Contact Info:
Cordellia Leggett
(251) 457-3396